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EZid AVID Microchips and Readers

AVID MiniTracker is a small, compact pocket sized hand held reader available in different models. It is designed for convenience and performance, providing the user with the ideal solution when portability and cost are important considerations. It operates on a standard 9 volt battery.  Ask about our Bluetooth© enabled MiniTracker PRO Euro livestock reader.

  • The AVID MiniTracker is available as MiniTracker Multi-tag reader that reads all 125kHz tags, including AVID encrypted, FECAVA and Euro code; or the MiniTracker PRO that reads all 125 kHz tags plus the 134.2 kHz (fdx-b) ISO tags.

  •  A1002 MiniTracker Multi-Tag Reader & Scanner reads all 125 kHz microchips.

  • A1034 MiniTracker Pro and Pro Euro Reader & Scanner reads all 125 kHz and 134.2 kHz (fdx-b) microchips & tags.

  • A1009 MiniTracker Avid only reader reads 125 kHz Avid encrypted microchip ONLY.

  • A1041 MiniTracker 21 " pole reader reads all 125 kHz and 134.2 kHz (fdx-b) microchips & tags.

Avid Power tracker series are portable, heavy duty, hand held readers. Power Trackers include RS-232 cable, NiMH rechargeable battery, battery recharger and Wedge software. 

  • A1003...Power Tracker II (reads Avid, FECAVA, Euro code).

  • A1018...Power Tracker III (reads Avid, FECAVA, Euro code) w/256K memory).

  • A1023...Power Tracker IV (reads Avid, FECAVA, Euro, Trovan code).

  • A1025...Power Tracker V (reads Avid, FECAVA, Euro, and ISO fdx-b) or ISO only.  Hexadecimal feature optional.

  • A1026...Power Tracker VI (reads Avid, FECAVA, Trovan and ISO fdx-b).

  • A1028...Power Tracker VII (reads all ISO complaint 134.2 kHz, fdx-b & hdx devices.

  • A1004...Power Tracker VIII (reads Avid, FECAVA, Euro, ISO fdx-b) w/256k memory.  Hexadecimal feature standard.

Idiology Lightning Rod heavy duty wand reader is blue tooth wireless with memory. It is a heavy duty, water resistant reader that reads all ISO compliant tags (fdx and hdx 134.2 kHz). It offers excellent read distance, long lasting battery, memory and wireless capabilities. This model offers two options: standard memory, or reverse memory whereby user loads list from computer or worksheet and goes to pen to find specific animals. The reader vibrates when the ID number is found. Wall charger is included. Standard two foot length or customized three foot length for additional cost.

  • 5678B… Lightning Rod with standard memory and LCD display (reads ISO fdx and hdx).
  • 5678C…Lightning Rod with reverse memory and LCD display. Includes Intelligent 2-way interface dongle & software.
  • 102...….USB-Bluetooth Dongle interface with “Smart Wire”.
  • 103……Serial-Bluetooth dongle—”Smart Wire” powered interface for scale heads, etc.
  • 111W…RFID Wedge PC-Interface.
  • MN-20 .Holster     

ISO Self-tuning Dual Mode reader is available with flat panel antenna and can be mounted in alleyway so animal’s RFID device can be read as the animal passes. The number can be transmitted to computer, weight scale, or sort gate. Reader reads ISO compliant fdx and hdx devices, including EID ear tags, rumen bolus and microchips.

Self Tuning Dual Mode Reader with panel antenna pictured right.

Industrial Stationary Reader (not pictured) with circle antenna is 
durable, water-resistant and when installed according to directions, 
capable of withstanding dirt and grime. The Stationary Reader is capable 
of reading either Avid, FECAVA, Euro or ISO (FDX-B) transponders from 
multiple manufacturers. Reader is available with choice of 6”, 12” or 24” 
circle antenna and optional memory module. This reader excellent for
 research project where the reader will be left on site to record pit tagged
 animals' movement.  Use with 110 power or with solar powered battery.

MiniTracker pole reader
Avid MiniTracker
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Idology Lightning Rod
RFID EID Readers- Scanner
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Official RFID tags
Cattle tags
​Hand held & industrial scanners/readers for livestock & fisheries.
Bluetooth© enabled MiniTracker readers for fast, accurate read.
​​Permanent non-visible EID for cattle and sheep. 
​A tiny chip with an ID number implanted for permanent ID.
Official lightweight tag with excellent read performance.
Tag retention issues? Flexible daisy button for better retention.
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