Avid Microchip Implants| Tracking Alpacas and Deer
Cattle Ear Tags
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Microchips and Pit Tags custom integrated circuit, coil and capacitor hermetically sealed in a glass capsule with biocompatible Parylene C coating.

RFID Cattle Tags - The unique tag design plus HDX advantage offers excellent read distance performance.

Custom Farm Tags - The visual tags feature a unique and specially designed flexible Daisy stud for superior retention.

RFID Rumen Bolus - Long lasting, tamper proof and most secure RFID.

Avid MiniTracker Readers - Small, compact pocket sized hand held reader available in different models. Designed for convenience and performance. 

Avid Power Tracker Readers - Robust handheld heavy duty readers available in several models and options

Industrial Readers and Scanners - This reader excellent for research project where the reader will be left on site to record pit tagged animals' movement.

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EZid AVID Microchips and Readers
RFID EID Readers- Scanner
Avid MiniTracker Reader
Rumen Bolus
Microchips & Pit Tags
Official RFID tags
Cattle tags
​Hand held & industrial scanners/readers for livestock & fisheries.
Bluetooth© enabled MiniTracker readers for fast, accurate read.
​​Permanent non-visible EID for cattle and sheep. 
​A tiny chip with an ID number implanted for permanent ID.
Official lightweight tag with excellent read performance.
Tag retention issues? Flexible daisy button for better retention.
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