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USDA 840 Microchips and Tags PROVEN AVID TECHNOLOGY.
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EZid USDA and standard microchips and PIT Tags feature AVID electronics. Through the use of patented technology*, AVID has pioneered the use of miniaturized implantable transponders. Today, more than 15 million AVID microchip transponders have been successfully administered worldwide.

AVID electronics feature custom integrated circuit, coil and capacitor hermetically sealed in a glass capsule with biocompatible Parylene C coating. The transponder has no batteries to replace or moving parts that wear out thereby offering long term identification. Once within the reader’s electromagnetic field, the transponder is energized and transmits unique ID number to a reader in milliseconds.

Choose 125 kHz Avid encrypted, Euro, FECAVA code or 134.2 kHz ISO fdx-b or USDA 840 ISO coded microchips and pit tags.

Choice of delivery systems:

  • SUDS (preloaded sterile Single Use Disposable Syringe).
  • DNA (preloaded sterile Disposable Needle Assembly used with DNA gun) .
  • MUSICC Tag Caddy (Multiple Use Single Injectable Carousel Caddy with 25 microchips).

Pit Tags also available as bulk loose tags in a bag. Minimum of 300 tag order. Call for quote.

Single Use Disposable Syringe (SUDS) is a sterile syringe pre-loaded with microchip with printed labels. Just snap off the protective cover and “inject” microchip as directed.  

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Box of 25 SUDS 
A2028...Avid encrypted (9 digits) 125 kHz.  
A2128...Euro, FECAVA (10 digits/alpha)125 kHz.
A2328...ISO fdx-b (15 digit) 134.2 kHz .
A2328EQ...ISO fdx-b official 840 134.2 kHz (restrictions apply).

Box of 5 SUDS
A2028-5...Avid encrypted (9 digits) 125 kHz.  
A2128-5...Euro, FECAVA (10 digits/alpha) 125 kHz.
A2328-5...ISO fdx-b (15 digit) 134.2 kHz 

Disposable Needle Assembly (DNA) is a sterile preloaded needle assembly with printed labels designed to snap into the specially designed DNA gun which offers a convenient pistol grip design to ease hand fatigue when implanting several animals at a time.  

DNA Box of 25
A2024...Avid encrypted (9 digits) 125 kHz.  
A2124...Euro, FECAVA (10 digits/alpha) 125 kHz.
A2324...ISO fdx-b (15 digit) 134.2 kHz.

A3003...Reusable DNA Gun 

Economical MUSICC TAG CADDY offers a simple delivery system small enough to fit three into a man’s shirt pocket. This patented container is designed to carry, sterilize and dispense 25 tags (included). It conveniently slips into gear pocket for back country and off-site operations. Use with special Monoject Syringe with patented “hold fast” needle. Each Tag Caddy holds 25 microchips. Order needle and syringe separately.


Caddy of 25 Microchips 
Avid encrypted (9 digits) 125 kHz.
Euro, FECAVA (10 digits/alpha) 125 kHz.
ISO fdx-b (15 digit) 134.2 kHz. 

Needle & syringe for bulk microchips
Needles only 
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Products Description

EZid AVID Microchips and Readers
RFID EID Readers- Scanner
Avid MiniTracker Reader
Rumen Bolus
Official RFID tags
Cattle tags
​Hand held & industrial scanners/readers for livestock & fisheries.
Dependable Avid hand held MiniTracker for fast, accurate read.
​​Permanent non-visible EID for cattle and sheep. 
​A tiny chip with an ID number implanted for permanent ID.
Official lightweight tag with excellent read performance.
Tag retention issues? Flexible daisy button for better retention.
Microchips & Pit Tags