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EZid specializes in a variety of unique ID products for identification in livestock, fish and wildlife. We understand the specialized nature of identification and offer a variety of products.

Our advantage is three fold:

1) to increase your efficiency
2) improve accuracy of data points, and 
3) to save you money by cutting operational costs.

EZid (pronounced “Easy ID” ) is the livestock, fish and wildlife division of Avid ID Systems. Avid has been in the electronic identification business since the late 1980’s producing quality U.S. made products that customers have come to depend upon.

We provide standard ISO code as well as the popular Avid coded microchips. Identification devices offered include microchip transponder implants (microchips), official RFID tags, combo tags, rumen bolus, RFID readers and scanners, and non-electronic custom farm tags with unique daisy male stud option for tag loss issues.  

Among the different species being identified by EZid identification devices are alpaca, deer, buffalo, goats, sheep, cattle, dairy, equine, fish, wildlife, and exotic animals. Contact us direct with questions, for competitive prices, current specials and to order at 877-330-3943 or Colorado 970-351-7701 Monday through Friday 8-5 MST. We look forward to assisting you.

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EZid, LLC for Animal Identification
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