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EZid offers three choices in RFID devices: Electronic Rumen Bolus, Electronic ear tag, and the electronic microchip transponder. Refer to the "Product" page for details on each device.

Electronic Avid microchip transponder implants (microchip) (pit tag) provide permanent ID for valuable breeding animals. Avid 125 kHz, Euro, FECAVA and 134.2 kHz ISO codes available with an option of delivery systems. 

Rumen bolus for life time identification for valuable breeding stock when more than an ear tag is needed.  The bolus is swallowed by the animal and remains in the rumen for the life of the animal.  With no moving parts or batteries to wear out, this is an ideal choice for valuable ruminant animals.

RFID tag. EZid’s electronic cattle tags’ unique design offers advantages with maximum performance and is compatible with readers, weight scales and sort gates that read all ISO compliant tags. These livestock ear tags are available as standard ISO or official 840 ISO tags.

Avid MiniTracker and Power Tracker handheld readers along with industrial stationary readers provide fast, accurate read every time! There are models available that read tags from different manufacturers.

Custom farm tags are available with unique flexible daisy male button for added retention with so set up fees.  Ask about color and size options.

Need dependable identification for tracking your horses and other livestock? We offer a full line of ID products for a variety of animal and livestock species.

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About Our Farm Tags for Tracking Your Horses and Other Animals

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EZid AVID Microchips and Readers
RFID EID Readers- Scanner
Avid MiniTracker Reader
Rumen Bolus
Official RFID tags
Cattle tags
​Hand held & industrial scanners/readers for livestock & fisheries.
Bluetooth© enabled MiniTracker readers for fast, accurate read.
​​Permanent non-visible EID for cattle and sheep. 
​A tiny chip with an ID number implanted for permanent ID.
Official lightweight tag with excellent read performance.
Tag retention issues? Flexible daisy button for better retention.
Microchips & Pit Tags